Latest CCTV Online Security Portfolio for Africa Safe City Project

Ivideon Virtual Cloud Security 

A backup storage, viewing, managing CCTV systems remotely anywhere local or global, complimenting police, protecting data, video, a voice for evidential forensic auditing.

Colleges, University Campus, Schools Churches, Banks, Shopping Malls, Oil Rigs, Pipelines, Gas Storage, Towers, Embassies, Emergencies SOS, Alarms


Integrated Solution Concept


Take your CCTV with you everywhere!

Record your home or business camera feeds to the cloud and ensure that they’re safe, accessible, and always going.

IVIDEON CCTV SOLUTIONS Record your Home, Industry, Enterprise, Banks, Shopping Mall, Embassies, Government Critical Infrastructure, Airports, Harbors, Beaches, Hotels, Guest House, VIP Solutions or any small business camera feeds to the cloud and ensure that evidence when needed (e.g. with the security agencies, police authorities or an insurance company). Remote viewing of your camera feeds in one place, at any given time. Easily connect and manage your cameras, sensors, and smart security devices all in one place.

We offer Cloud Computing Solutions, IT Support and Managed Services to Small IT services, Cloud solutions and comprehensive security solutions including CCTV (Visual business platforms, or computing infrastructure accessible via the internet.

Home security cameras offer you the safeguard of your house always being watched. In the modern day, with our rampant internet usage, we've become an online security company Ivideon has made home security cameras more prominent. (it might be in the cloud, it might be in the device itself, depending on which one you buy).

What "Cloud" means in most other industries is that the processing power and data storage are done by a group of servers on the internet, but since many surveillance camera companies use "Cloud" to mean a browser-based "web-view" that connects to your local recorder over the internet, there's the need to clarify which solution best suits your business. 




Secure Cloud Storage

  • Record 24/7 to safe and reliable off-site cloud storage

  • Access, view, and manage your recordings at any time via intuitive timeline views and controls

  • Easily find and share video evidence when needed (e.g. with the authorities or an insurance company)

  • Freely take a peek into your home or business to see what’s happening on your cameras in real time

Different Things that People can mean when they say "Cloud Based" Surveillance:

1. I want to monitor my cameras when I am away:

Yes, we offer remote video monitoring for any of our Ivideon DVRs or NVRs that you have connected to your internet.

We don't charge a monthly fee (but some other companies that make DVRs do).

Our browser-based video monitoring works in all Internet browsers including Safari, Explorer. You can view both live and recorded footage. Cloud-based," however, just mean "monitor on internet or storage of data are quite correct but it does more with CCTV Systems. 


2. I don't want a recorder at all locally, I want to record to a server on the internet.

And, well, that's not even close to a good idea. Here's why: 


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